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The Groom & his wedding Party make an Entrance on Celebration of the joyous occasion.

The Bride’s Parents & Relatives Greet & Welcome the Groom’s Parents & Relatives

The Bride’s mother welcomes the groom into her family & wishes him the best.

Jai Mala:
The Bride & Groom Garland each other symbolizing their willingness to accept each other.

Ganesh Puja:
Lord Ganesha, The remover of all obstacles is worshipped to sanctify the place & bless the occasion. This also invokes the forces of wisdom & auspiciousness. The Priest invokes blessings of all Gods & Goddesses in eight different ways while offering rice & ghee into the Sacred Fire.

Gath Bandhan:
The edges of the outer garment of the Bride & Groom are tied together to signify that they are joined in Holy matrimony for life.

This is the giving away of the bride & groom to each other. The Offer of a daughter & a son in marriage is considered to be the greatest of all the gifts one can make.

Agni Pradakshina:
Making the fire(The source of life & the universe) their witness. The bride & groom make seven rounds. With each of the round seeking the goals of the Good Human Life the bride throws popped rice given by her brother into the fire for God’s Blessings & Prosperity

This is the most important part of the ceremony. The Bride & The Groom walk seven steps together & recite “The rites of the seven steps.” They take the following vows:

First- To provide for food & nourishment
Second- To develop & maintain physical well-being
Third-To increase wealth by righteous means.
Fourth- To acquire Knowledge, Happiness & Harmony
Fifth- To be blessed with Children
Sixth- To have lifetime Satisfaction
Seventh- To be life companions & friends.

Mangalsutra & Sindoor Dharan:
The Marriage is now complete. At this time the wife sits on the left side of her husband, signifying that she’ll always be close to his heart. The Groom then places the Mangalsutra(Sacred Necklace) around her neck & places sindoor on her hair as a symbol of their union.

While invoking the goodwill of god, the priestasks the family & friends to join him to recite a hymn to wish the couple good luck, prosperity & long life. Thus blessing the married couple.

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